What Is SHIC Beauty?

My name is Shanese Danae, and I’m the president and founder of SHIC Beauty. I am a certified medical aesthetician. I specialize in skin, lip augmentation, and more. I also help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

I began to document my acne journey on my YouTube channel, but deep down I always knew I wanted to eventually open my own business within the beauty industry. So, I spent many hours studying, practicing and expanding my skill set in skin care.

Once I learned the skills to confidently perform these services, I started working on finalizing the details for SHIC Beauty.

So, what does SHIC stand for?

Sophisticated. Humble. Intelligent. Chick.

SHIC Beauty gives me the opportunity to own and operate a company where I can sell products that I love, but also give my personal knowledge and insights on what it takes to maintain healthy skin as well as providing insight on being a Beauty Boss.

I hope with my business I can inspire others to pursue their own beauty goals while building their confidence.

Believe me when I say I will not sell anyone any product  I don’t personally believe in. Using my personal experiences with my own skin care journey,  I want to give others the tools they need to take control of their own journey — and actually see results like I did —  without breaking the bank.  

Are you SHIC? If so, then we’re the site for you.



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