Sardenya Deep Hyaluronic Filler

Sardenya Deep Hyaluronic Filler

Sardenya Deep Hyaluronic Filler

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Sardenya Deep is used to fill moderately pronounced wrinkles on the full face and correction of deep uneven areas on the skin, for modeling the volume and contour of the lips. Sardenya Deep's average grain size is middle, which is perfect for middle wrinkles such as the frown lines, nasolabial folds, and crow's feet. 


How Does It Work?

Sardenya Deep is a dermal filler that contains BDDE cross-linked hyaluronic acid. It contains medium sized particles which can help to postpone the natural aging process, smooth wrinkles and to eliminate skin dryness and sagging. This high grade HA filler can improve the elastin and collagen production in the skin. 


  • Correct fine to medium wrinkles 
  • Medium Volume to Lips (product is buildable for  high volume results)
  • Non-animal Hyaluronic Acid 
  • Smooth Skin Texture 
  • Lidocaine ensures a painless procedure

What's Inside

Sardenya Deep, 24ml/mg hyaluronic acid

1 syringe/1.1ml

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